Style, quality and safety go hand-in-hand:

We are proud to produce American-made products that are CPSIA compliant. U.S. legislation H.R. 4040, also known as the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, passed in August of 2008. This law addresses the amounts of lead allowable in children's products. You can be assured that all Little Packrats product components* are tested independently by a third party laboratory and comply with all rules, bans, standards and regulations applicable to the product under the CPSIA.

Little Packrats is a fun-loving brand, yet we take safety seriously. We understand the concerns of parents regarding product safety and continuously invest in procedures to help ensure the safety and compliance of the packs, totes and accessories we sell. We will continue these efforts so that our customers can always feel safe and secure with their Little Packrats purchases.

*The polyester material found in our lunch totes and pvc-free packs is exempt from testing because textile products are manufactured using processes that do not introduce lead or result in an end product that would exceed the CPSIA’s lead limits.