wedding cake baker. backpack maker. mother of twins. solopreneur. stained glass artist. visual merchandiser. seamstress. visual communicator. web designer.
I’ve been gifted with the ability to make art out of daily life.

Whether whipping up a special occasion seersucker suit for my husband or desserts worthy of the cover of Bon Appetit, I experience a creative rush that has powered my art-making process from the first moment I picked up a spoon/needle/pencil/paint brush/mouse.

I see opportunities everywhere.

Take my twin boys, for example. I always thought they were the original packrats. One day, while making my way through the trail of their scattered possessions, I realized they came from a long line of collectors. So, armed with my degree in art, countless years of sewing experience, and inspiration from two kids with bulging pockets, I gave birth to Little Packrats. Over time, my American-made “original 3-D backpack” brand was sold in Macy’s flagship Herald Square store, museum shops, specialty stores, and boutiques around the globe.

The creative/design side of the business sustained me for years but fighting the onslaught of competition from offshore manufacturers was too much.

So, I changed my business model, gleaned the best ideas from this retail/wholesale endeavor and the rest of my busy life, and launched CBHstudio where all my different skills and experience happily cohabitate. No longer selling a product, I focus my vision and insight on the endless possibilities for telling your story and building your brand.

In fact, it’s not about me at all. It’s about you and your business.

~ Cathy Berse-Hurley